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from yayQuery, released April 13, 2012
You paren when it starts.
I know you got smarts.
Zippin' up my bits, I'm a bandwidth shop.
Can your browser store cache?
Nah, you need mine,
Cause I'm a download, hardware, motherboard running with ya AJAX.
You're a wifi leecher.
You script kiddy comeback!
Fool, you need a teacher.
I'm a preach.
I'm a sit you down.
So stop your GIT, shut your Fiddle, I'm a push you.
Feel my rollback, sucker.
Ya first line of code needs a Node Constructor.
Your JS is shot if it's minified or not.
What, you write this on pot? I'm a lint you!

Watch me coding.
They see me coding.

I'm the latest. I'm the greatest.
See? My trunk's running me.
I'm the living standard for the WHATWG,
They say "TML, SS".
Know what that means?
It's the "H" to the "C"! Gimme "5"! Gimme "3"!
But my strength, my prowess, is "J".
avaScript, I'm a script, I could Lint every day.
"Callin' Papa Crockford, Callin' Papa Crockford"
Sugar, please! YUI!
Forget Reset and Normalize.
Back to the JS.
I do confess, before I start a project I check in with Irish
Or Alman,
Or maybe AJ will do,
Or maybe Remy, R Murphey, Alex,

All of them too be coding.
Sullivan, Divya, gf3,
Coldhead, nlogax, TabAtkins.

Font Face! What the FOUT is when my page hit.
Funny, Firefox, thought I left you for webkit.
IE, Girl. What'cha doin' with a radiiant?
What you say? Opera's got a linear gradient?
Boom! See my sick Doctype!
My boilerplate, baby,
Yea, it's all right.
And for speed localStorage that snip.
Gigga? Please!

Just a megabyte's all I need when I'm coding.

Uhuh! Yea!

They see me coding.

Looks like Yoda wrote this line,
Cause it's do or do not, and there aint no try.

Yea, I'm a coding.

Yea. Uhn.

They see me codin.


I got a plaque on my car.
On the back it says "How is my coding?"

Word. MSWord.

Coders be coding.

They see me coding.

If ya wanna see me I'm on IRC and I'm coding.


They see me coding.

To Hixie, my brotha,
I'm throwing an HTML5 gangsign for you.




all rights reserved


Jon Neal Orange, California

I love writing and sharing music. That's why I'm here.

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